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QT is the ideal place to further your career. As an expanding civil engineering company, we offer a unique combination of exciting growth opportunities while maintaining close-knit camaraderie and collaboration among our team members. At QT, you can expect a dynamic and inclusive workplace that values teamwork and provides numerous avenues for personal and career growth. Join our team and be part of an organization that combines the advantages of a relaxed atmosphere with exciting opportunities for your career.

A construction worker specializing in civil engineering services, in a high-visibility vest and hardhat, inspecting a site with a tablet in hand.

At QT, we uphold the following core values:

  • We will earn and maintain our client’s trust and confidence by building a history of consistent, accurate, and reliable service, one project at a time.
  • Our systems, technology, processes, service standards, deliverables, and operational protocol are routinely evaluated and continuously evolving to ensure our client’s satisfaction and the success of their projects.
  • We will always seek to apply technology innovatively and efficiently to achieve reliable, accurate, well-documented, organized, and superior services. We will provide these services at a reasonable and competitive cost.
  • We will always provide our employees with safe, healthy, and environmentally conscious working conditions.
  • We will encourage personal and professional growth and recognize individual achievements and loyalty.
  • We will always maintain the highest moral, ethical, and legal standards in what we do.
  • By staying true to our mission, this company’s quality, and our ability to sustain healthy growth will continue.

Comprehensive Compensation

Benefits package

At QT, we deeply value the pivotal role our team plays in driving our success.

We are proud to offer highly competitive compensation and benefits packages that encompass essential components like zero to low cost medical, dental, and vision coverage, a robust 401(k) plan with employer matching, comprehensive Life insurance, Short and Long-Term Disability insurance, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance. Additionally, we believe in supporting the well-being of our employees by providing paid holidays and paid time off. Furthermore, we prioritize the professional growth of our team members by offering valuable opportunities to attain diverse technical certifications. With a focus on equipping our employees with the necessary tools and expertise, we strive to foster a dynamic and rewarding work environment.

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401(k) Employer Matching

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Life Insurance

Blue and white accessible parking permit icon, a crucial element in civil engineering careers, indicating a designated parking space for individuals with disabilities.

Short & Long-Term Disability

Beach lounge chair with umbrella under the sun, symbolizing relaxation for professionals pursuing civil engineering careers.

Paid Time Off

Blue calendar icon with Civil Engineering Careers motive.

Company Paid Holidays

A stick figure icon presenting information on civil engineering careers on a board.

Mentorship & Training

Illustration of a blue outlined ribbon badge for Civil Engineering Careers.

Employee Service Awards & Recognition Program

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Employee Referral Bonus

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Casual Dress Code & Relaxed Atmosphere

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